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This template, {{coord}}, produces a link to a list of map sources, based on the geographical coordinates and other parameters, and provides a standardized notation for the coordinates.

The template is for WGS84 geographical coordinates (latitude;longitude) on Earth, which can be entered in either decimal notation, or degrees/minutes/seconds parameters, with the appropriate precision.

It links to, then displays the coordinates. Clicking the blue globe Erioll world.svg activates the WikiMiniAtlas (needs Javascript).

The template outputs data in:

  • Degree/minutes/seconds ("DMS", precision is degrees, or degrees/minutes, or degrees/minutes/seconds, based on input)
  • Decimal (precision by number of decimal places, based on input)

{{coord}} is used by tools which parse the raw Wikipedia database dumps, such as Google Earth. To ensure that the coordinates are parsed correctly display=title must be used. See How do I get my Wikipedia article to show up in the Google Earth Geographic Web layer?. The template must not be modified without prior discussion.

See also Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates.

Superseded templates[édit | sunting sumber]

This single template supersedes {{coor d}}, {{coor dm}}, {{coor dms}}, {{coor at d}}, {{coor at dm}}, {{coor at dms}}, {{coor title d}}, {{coor title dm}}, and {{coor title dms}}. All parameters can be used as before - see Usage.


{{coord|12|34|N|45|33|W|display=title}} Replaces {{coor title dm|12|34|N|45|67|W}}
{{coord|12|34|12|N|45|33|45|W|display=inline,title}} Replaces {{coor at dms|12|34|12|N|45|33|45|W}}
{{coord|10.2|-20.3|display=inline}} or {{coord|10.2|-20.3}} Replaces {{coor d|10.2|N|-20.3|E}}

Display[édit | sunting sumber]

By default coordinates are displayed in the format in which they are specified.

To always display coordinates as DMS values, add this to your monobook.css:

.geo-default { display: inline } .geo-nondefault { display: inline }
.geo-dec { display: none } .geo-dms { display: inline }

To always display coordinates as decimal values, add this to your monobook.css:

.geo-default { display: inline } .geo-nondefault { display: inline }
.geo-dec { display: inline } .geo-dms { display: none }

To display coordinates in both formats, add this to your monobook.css:

.geo-default { display: inline } .geo-nondefault { display: inline }
.geo-dec { display: inline } .geo-dms { display: inline }
.geo-multi-punct { display: inline }

If CSS is disabled, or you have an old copy of MediaWiki:Common.css cached, you will see both formats. (The cache for Common.css takes 31 days to expire, and the changes were made 2007-04-04. You can either clear your cache or manually refresh this URL: [1].)

See also Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers)#Geographical coordinates.

Usage[édit | sunting sumber]

{{coord|latitude|longitude|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}
{{coord|dd|N/S|dd|E/W|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}
{{coord|dd|mm|N/S|dd|mm|E/W|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}
{{coord|dd|mm|ss|N/S|dd|mm|ss|E/W|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}

There are two kinds of parameters, all optional:

  • Coordinate parameters: Recognised by the map server, given in the format parameter:value and separated from each other with the underscore character '_'. Common coordinate parameters include type, region, and scale. See Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates#Parameters for a comprehensive list.
  • Template parameters: Used by the template itself, given in the format parameter=value and separated from each other with the pipe character '|'. The supported template parameters are display, name and format.
    • display can be one of the following:
      • display=inline - Display the coordinate inline (default)
      • display=title - Display the coordinate by the article title (replaces {{coor title dms}} family)
      • display=inline,title - Display the coordinate both inline and at title (replaces {{coor at dms}} family)
        Note: using the title attribute indicates that the coordinates apply to the article, and not just one of (perhaps many) places mentioned in it — so it should only be omitted in the latter case.
    • format can be used to force dec or dms coordinate display for all readers
    • name can be used to annotate inline coordinates for display in map services and other external use. It should not be used with coordinates in the article title or within an infobox, as in those cases the name is implicit from the article title.

Examples[édit | sunting sumber]

(These are live geo-microformats and should be detected on this page by parsers)


43°39′04″N 79°22′00″W / 43.651234, -79.383333

Toronto - Fully decimal - N & W

43°39′N 79°23′W / 43.65, -79.38

Toronto - less precise

43°39′00″N 79°22′48″W / 43.6500, -79.3800

Toronto - medium precision with trailing zeroes

43°39′04″N 79°22′00″W / 43.651234, -79.383333

Toronto - decimal with Northing & Westing

43°29′N 79°23′W / 43.483, -79.383

Toronto - degrees & minutes

43°29′4″N 79°23′0″W / 43.48444, -79.38333

Toronto - degrees, minutes & seconds

43°29′4.5″N 79°23′0.5″W / 43.484583, -79.383472

Toronto - degrees, minutes, seconds & fractions of seconds

55°45′08″N 37°36′56″E / 55.752222, 37.615556

Moscow - N & E
{{coord|55.752222|N|37.615556|E|format=dms}} 55°45′08″N 37°36′56″E / 55.752222, 37.615556 Convert to dms format
{{Coord|39.098095|-94.587307|format=dms}} 39°05′53″N 94°35′14″W / 39.098095, -94.587307 Decimal conversion without N/S/E/W
{{coord|55.752222|N|37.615556|E|format=dec|name=Moscow}} 55°45′08″N 37°36′56″E / 55.752222, 37.615556 (Moscow) Convert to decimal and label on some maps

33°55′S 18°25′E / -33.917, 18.417

Cape Town - S & E

22°54′30″S 43°14′37″W / -22.90833, -43.24361

Rio - S & W

22°S 43°W / -22, -43

A degree confluence
{{coord|52|28|59|N|1|53|37|W |display=inline,title|region:GB_type:city}} 52°28′59″N 1°53′37″W / 52.48306, -1.89361Koordinat: 52°28′59″N 1°53′37″W / 52.48306, -1.89361 Birmingham - with display and parameter settings; note display also in title of this page.

Class names[édit | sunting sumber]

The class names geo, latitude and longitude are used to generate the microformat and MUST NOT be changed.

External links[édit | sunting sumber]