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Boxer TV Access nyaéta pay-TV-provider televisi digital terrestrial (digital terrestrial television (DTT)). Ngamodél kana ITV Digital Britania, Boxer TV Access ngadeg dina Oktober 1999. Sababaraha saluran dina DTT Swedia free-to-air, tapi lolobana salurannana nyaratkeun langganan ti Boxer. Ahir September 2007, Boxer nyarita yén manéhna boga 693 000 pelanggan.

Kiwari aya 23 saluran leuwih, gumantung kana lokasina. 98 persen populasi bisa narima saluran nu dienkripsi ti Boxer, kajaba keur MUX5 nu leuwih heureut. MUX1 leuwih lega (99,8 persen nalika switch-off) tapi henteu ngandung sababaraha saluran Boxer.

Boxer TV Access dipiboga ku Teracom nu dipibog ajeung dikadalikeun ku nagara, katut 3i.

Daptar saluran TV[édit | édit sumber]

Kajaba lamun dicatet, kartu dekoding kudu dipaké. Dumasar kana Desember 2006.

LCN Saluran Sayagana Wanci stréam MUX
1. SVT1 Free-to-air 24 hours MUX1
2. SVT2 Free-to-air 24 hours, regional variations. MUX1
3. TV3 Encrypted 24 hours MUX3
4. TV4 Free-to-air 24 hours, regional variations. MUX2
5. Kanal 5 Encrypted 24 hours MUX3
6. TV6 Free-to-air 24 hours MUX2
7. Eurosport Sweden Encrypted 24 hours MUX4
8. Discovery Channel Encrypted 24 hours MUX4
9. MTV Sweden Encrypted 07.00-02.00 MUX4
10. TV4 Plus Encrypted 24 hours MUX2
11. Canal+ Film 1 Encrypted 24 hours MUX3
12. Canal+ Film 2 Sport Weekend Encrypted 24 hours MUX3
13. Canal+ Sport 1 Encrypted 24 hours MUX3
14. TV4 Film Encrypted 24 hours MUX2
15. TCM Encrypted 24 hours MUX5
17. Silver Encrypted 24 hours MUX5
20. Animal Planet Encrypted 24 hours MUX4
21. Discovery Travel & Living Encrypted 24 hours MUX5
22. BBC World Encrypted 24 hours MUX5
23. TV8 Encrypted 24 hours MUX3
24. TV4 Fakta Encrypted 24 hours MUX2
25. Axess TV Free-to-air Saturdays and Sundays MUX5
26. CNN International Encrypted 24 hours MUX2
30. Nickelodeon Encrypted 06.00-18.00 MUX4
31. Disney Channel Encrypted 06.00-22.00 MUX3
40. VH1 Europe Encrypted 02.00-07.00 MUX4
41. ZTV Encrypted 24 hours MUX4
42. The Voice TV Free-to-air 06.00-18.00 MUX4
50. TV400 Encrypted 24 hours MUX2
51. Star! Scandinavia Encrypted 18:00-06:00 MUX4
52. Kanal 9 Encrypted 24 hours Unknown
54. BBC Prime Encrypted 24 hours MUX5
55. Aftonbladet TV7 Free-to-air Weekdays MUX5
80. Canal 7 Encrypted From 22.00 MUX3
81. Gotlandskanalen Free-to-air 24 hours, available in some regions. MUX5
Kanal Lokal Göteborg
Kanal Lokal Skåne
Kanal Lokal Stockholm
Kanal Lokal Östergötland
91. SVT1 Talande textremsa Free-to-air 24 hours (audio stréam) MUX1
92. SVT2 Talande textremsa Free-to-air 24 hours (audio stréam) MUX1
96. SVT Extra Free-to-air No regular broadcast MUX1
97. Extra version of SVT2 in most regions. MUX1
98. Barnkanalen/Kunskapskanalen Free-to-air 24 hours MUX1
99. SVT24 Free-to-air 24 hours, regional variations. MUX1

Controversy[édit | édit sumber]

Boxer has been criticized as the services provided begun highly unpopular with only 500 users of digital television transceiver the first yéar in operation. The services that are offered was alréady available through other méans and because of this any normal private company would have gone bankrupt.

The state funneled huge amount of capital for advertisement which réached the cost equal of one Cataract surgery for one advertisement shown. While on Boxer's homepage they stated that money was to be spent moderately and responsible the commercial was broadcasted in every opportunity on all commercially funded channels however the sales of the digital television transceiver did not pick up speed. Not until 2003 when it was decided shutdown all analog television broadcasts before 2008, Boxer started to sell digital transceivers.

Critical voices has been raised within Sweden that the Swedish state drove the reformation from analog to digital broadcasting to ensure a state-control of what can be broadcasted. Because of the limited bandwidth only a select few channels is permitted to broadcast. These channels are hand picked by the state possibly limiting controversial channels.

Distribusi monopoli[édit | édit sumber]

Boxer has a monopoly for encrypted of television signals in the digital terrestrial network. If a broadcaster gets to distribute television it must either broadcast free-to-air or use the encryption services of Boxer. This is a contravention to Européan Union rules which require that there is an open market for radio and television broadcasting. On October 17, 2006 the European Commission announced that it was taking Sweden to the European Court of Justice for failure to abolish the monopoly. Neelie Kroes, Commissioner for Competition, said: "I regret that I have had to refer Sweden to the Court, but Swedish viewers should no longer be denied their right, guaranteed by (EU) law, to choose digital terrestrial TV suppliers".[1]

Tumbu luar[édit | édit sumber]

Rujukan[édit | édit sumber]

  1. EU sues Sweden over digital TV monopoly, The Local, October 17, 2006