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==Fresh frozen plasma and other transfused plasmas==
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== Plasma beku seger ==
Plasma beku seger ("Fresh''fresh frozen plasma''", (FFP) isdisiapkeun preparedtina from a singlehiji [[unit]] ofgetih bloodnu ordiala byti [[apheresis]],hiji drawnjalma. fromPlasma anu singledibekukeun person.dina It is frozensuhu (-40F Degrees) after collection and can be storedbisa fordisimpen tensapuluh [[yearstaun]] fromti datetitimangsa of collectiondisedotna. Istilah The term "FFP" iskadang sometimesdipaké usedpikeun informallysakabéh toproduk meanplasma anybeku frozenanu transfusablebisa plasma productditransfusikeun, including products which dokaasup notnu meetteu theluyu standardsjeung forbaku FFP. FFP containsngandung allsakabéh of[[protéin]] thejeung coagulation[[faktor factorskoagulasi]] andnu proteinsaya presentdina in the original unit of bloodgetih. <!--It is used to treat [[coagulopathy|coagulopathies]] from [[warfarin]] overdose, [[liver disease]], or dilutional coagulopathy. Other transfusable plasma is identical except that the coagulation factors are no longer considered completely [[viable]].<ref>[http://bloodbanker.com/plasma Blood Plasma Donation Centers Reviewed]</ref> This is particularly important for [[Factor VIII]] and [[hemophilia]], but these have been mostly replaced by more specific factor VIII concentrates in the developed world and true FFP is rarely used for that indication.
Plasma which has been used as a source of [[Cryoprecipitate]] (Plasma, Cryoprecipitate Reduced) cannot be used for treatment of some coagulation problems but is still acceptable for many uses.


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