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*Z; ''zeddo'' or ''zī'' (ゼッド or ズィー, cara maca sejenna ''jī'', ジー)
==Kana withouttanpa romanizedbentuk formsromaji==
There is no generally accepted form of romanization for some forms of kana. In particular there is no form of romanization for full-sized kana combined with smaller versions of the vowel kana, "ぁ", "ぃ", "ぅ", "ぇ" and "ぉ", the smaller versions of the ''y'' kana, "ゃ", "ゅ", and "ょ", and the [[sokuon]] or small ''tsu'' kana "っ". Although these are usually regarded as merely phonetic marks or [[diacritic]]s, they do appear on their own, for example at the end of sentences or in some names.
On a computer or word processor, these smaller kana may be produced in various ways. For example, an "x" or an "l" preceding the romanization of the full-sized kana produces a small version on some systems, thus ''xtu'' gives "っ" on a Microsoft computer. However this is not standardized, and these forms are restricted to use in [[Japanese input methods|input systems]]; they are not used to represent the smaller kana in romanized Japanese.


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