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[[da:sandsynlighedstæthedsfunktion]] [[sv:Täthetsfunktion]]
Dina [[matematik]], '''probability density function''' dipake keur ngagambarkeun [[probability distribution]] di watesan [[integral]]s. If aLamun probability distribution hasngabogaan densitydensiti ''f''(''x''), then intuitively the infinitesimalsaterusna [[interval (mathematics)|interval]] tak terhingga [''x'', ''x'' + d''x''] hasngabogaan probabilityprobabiliti ''f''(''x'') d''x''. A probabilityProbability density function canbisa beoge seenditempo astina aversi "smoothed out" version of a [[histogram]]: if one empirically measures values of a [[random variable]] repeatedly and produces a histogram depicting relative frequencies of output ranges, then this histogram will resemble the random variable's probability density (assuming that the variable is sampled sufficiently often and the output ranges are sufficiently narrow).
Formally, a probability distribution has density ''f''(''x'') if ''f''(''x'') is a non-negative [[Lebesgue integration|Lebesgue-integrable]] function '''R''' → '''R''' such that the probability of the interval [''a'', ''b''] is given by
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* [[likelihood]]
* [[probability mass function]]


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