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== [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia 15|Get involved in Wikipedia 15!]] ==
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''This is a message from the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation|Wikimedia Foundation]]. [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia 15/MassMessages/Get involved|Translations]] are available.''
[[File:International-Space-Station wordmark blue.svg|right|200px]]
As many of you know, January 15 is Wikipedia’s 15th Birthday!
People around the world are getting involved in the celebration and have started adding their [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia 15/Events|events on Meta Page]]. While we are celebrating Wikipedia's birthday, we hope that all projects and affiliates will be able to utilize this celebration to raise awareness of our community's efforts.
Haven’t started planning? Don’t worry, there’s lots of ways to get involved. Here are some ideas:
* '''[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia 15/Events|Join/host an event]]'''. We already have more than 80, and hope to have many more.
* '''[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia 15/Media|Talk to local press]]'''. In the past 15 years, Wikipedia has accomplished extraordinary things. We’ve made a [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia 15/15 years|handy summary]] of milestones and encourage you to add your own. More resources, including a [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia 15/Media#releases|press release template]] and [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Communications/Movement Communications Skills|resources on working with the media]], are also available.
* '''[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia 15/Material|Design a Wikipedia 15 logo]]'''. In place of a single icon for Wikipedia 15, we’re making dozens. Add your own with something fun and representative of your community. Just use the visual guide so they share a common sensibility.
* '''[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia 15/Events/Package#birthdaywish|Share a message on social media]]'''. Tell the world what Wikipedia means to you, and add #wikipedia15 to the post. We might re-tweet or share your message!
Everything is linked on the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia 15|Wikipedia 15 Meta page]]. You’ll find a set of ten data visualization works that you can show at your events, and a [[c:Category:Wikipedia15 Mark|list of all the Wikipedia 15 logos]] that community members have already designed.
If you have any questions, please contact [[m:User:ZMcCune (WMF)|Zachary McCune]] or [[m:User:JSutherland (WMF)|Joe Sutherland]].
Thanks and Happy nearly Wikipedia 15!<br />
-The Wikimedia Foundation Communications team
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