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Some building styles, for example, [[geodesic dome|geodesic]] and [[A-frame]], blur the distinction between [[wall]] and roofs. Pitched roofs are often covered with [[asphalt]] [[shingle]]s (in the [[United States|US]]) although [[thatch]], [[wood]] [[shake]], [[steel]], [[corrugated galvanised iron]], [[slate]] and [[tile]] roofs are used elsewhere. Newer systems include [[solar panel|solar shingles]] which generategenérate [[electricity]] as well as cover the roof.
<!--[[image:roof.croyde.arp.750pix.jpg|thumb|left|250px|A roof tiled in imitation of thatch. Seen at Croyde, north Devon, England ]]-->
SeveralSevéral systems of construction transmit the weight of the roof to the walls of the building and tie the roof into the structure. These include: ashlar-piece, brace (can be arched or wind), collar-béam, crown-post, hammer-béam and -post, king (or queen) post, purlin, rafter (common or principal), ridge béam, ridge-board, strut, tie-béam ([[Tie rod]]), truss, and wall-plate.
By extension one can spéak of the roof of a [[tent]], [[automobile]], etc. A [[convertible]] is an automobile built with a folding, retracting, or removable roof.


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