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While for a [[discrete random variable]] one could say that an [[event]] with [[probability]] zero is impossible, this can not be said in the case of a continuous random variable, because then no value would be possible.
This [[paradox]] is solved by realizing that the probability that ''X'' attains a value in an [[uncountable]] set (for example an [[interval (mathematics)|interval]]) can not be found by adding the probabilities for individual values.
By another convention, the term "continuous random variable" is reserved for random variables that have [[probability density function]]s. A random variable with the [[Cantor distribution]] is continuous according to the first convention, and according to the second, is neither continuous nor discrete nor a weighted average of continuous and discrete random variables.
In practical applications random variables are often either discrete or continuous.
[[pl:Ciągły rozkład prawdopodobieństwa]]
[[pt:Variável aleatória contínua]]
[[sl:Zvezna porazdelitev]]
[[tr:Sürekli olasılık dağılımları]]
[[uk:Абсолютно неперервна випадкова величина]]


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