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Super Disambiguator's Barnstar.png BéntangWiki Super Disambiguasi
BéntangWiki Super Disambiguasi dilélér ka para pinunjul anu meunangkeun Disambiguation pages with links monthly challenge, who have gone above and beyond to remove ambiguous links. Your achievement will be recorded at the Hall of Fame.
This award is presented to Username automatically added, for successfully fixing number of links fixed links in the challenge of month year.
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Usage[édit sumber]

Only use when recipient has won the monthly dab challenge. (see /Bonus for the bonus list winner) For other great disambiguators, use Template:Disambiguator's Barnstar, The recipient's name will automatically be inserted when added to his or her talk page.
{{subst:BéntangWiki Super Disambiguasi|number of links fixed|month|year|~~~~}}