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Purpose[édit sumber]

This template allows for the inclusion of official 2006 census data into Australian geographical articles. This template will most likely need recoding in November when the proper census release takes place - the advantage of using it is therefore that all articles using this template will migrate with it.

Usage[édit sumber]

{{Census 2006 AUS
 |id = 
 |name =
 |accessdate =
  • id = ABS ID for the region (note - may be different from 2001, so don't convert across without checking.)
  • name = ABS Name for the region - eg Caversham (State Suburb) or 5011202 (Census Collection District).
  • accessdate = Date accessed in the form yyyy-mm-dd eg 2007-06-27.

Adding "|quick=on" at the end forces QuickStats instead of a link to the Excel-format BCP.

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