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{{Cite episode}} digunakan untuk mengutip episode televisi atau radio.

Pemakaian[édit sumber]

Salin salah satu format dibawah, kemudian isi:

Format horizontal

Versi lengkap (hapus parameter yang tidak perlu)
{{cite episode |title= |episodelink= |url= |series= |serieslink= |credits= |network= |station= |city= |airdate= |began= |ended= |season= |number= |minutes= |transcript= |transcripturl=}}
{{cite episode |title= |episodelink= |series= |serieslink= |credits= |network= |station= |airdate= |season= |number= |minutes= }}

Format vertikal

{{cite episode
| title        = 
| episodelink  = 
| url          = 
| series       = 
| serieslink   = 
| credits      = 
| network      = 
| station      = 
| city         = 
| airdate      = 
| began        = 
| ended        = 
| season       = 
| number       = 
| minutes      = 
| transcript   =  
| transcripturl= 

Contoh[édit sumber]

Ini adalah contoh fiktif:

<ref name="BBCPres2008">{{cite episode
| title = BBC-TV Presents: The 2008 World Snooker Championship Live at The Crucible no wikilinking; see next field
| episodelink = BBC Snooker World Championship coverage (2008) Wikipedia article name (don't [[link]] it), or...
| url = if no WP article; mutually exclusive with "episodelink"
| series = Wide World of Snooker if telecast is part of a regular series/show
| serieslink = Wide World of Snooker (tv show) Wikipedia article name, not external link
| credits = Presenters: [[Dennis Taylor]] and [[Clive Everton]]
| network = [[British Broadcasting Corporation|BBC]]
| station = [[BBC Two]]
| city = [[Sheffield]], [[Inggris]] in a live broadcast case like this, the locale is important
| airdate = 2008-04-27 air date in that format (of the cited segment, if multi-day)
| minutes = 2:34 if you can cite a better-than-approximate time into the program
| transcripturl= http://URL to e-transcript or online video, if available

"BBC-TV Presents: The 2008 World Snooker Championship Live at The Crucible". Presenters: Dennis Taylor and Clive Everton. Wide World of Snooker. BBC. BBC Two, Sheffield, Inggris. 2008-04-27. 2:34 menit.