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Usage[édit sumber]

{{Infobox Philosopher
| region           = 
| era              = 
| color            = #B0C4DE
| image_name       = 
| image_size       = 200px
| image_caption    = 
| name             = 
| birth            = 
| death            = 
| school_tradition = 
| main_interests   = 
| notable_ideas    = 
| influences       = 
| influenced       = 
| signature        = 

This template is used to provide biographical information on anyone who might be considered a philosopher. This template is generally superseded by officeholder templates (if the philosopher held political or other public office; e.g. Alan Greenspan).

To use this template, copy the text above to the top of the biography.

  • Region, Name, Birth, and School/tradition are compulsory; other fields, if left blank, will not appear in the Infobox;
  • Era is an optional parameter
  • Region should be selected from Category:Philosophy by region;
  • Era should be selected from Category:Philosophy by era;
  • School/tradition should be selected from Category:Philosophical schools and traditions;
  • Entries in Influences, Influenced, and Notable ideas should be explained in the main text of one of the articles. Those that are not mentioned in the main text may be deleted.

Microformat[édit sumber]