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{{Ja-rail-line|pfn=|(metro indicating)|name=|idx=|nidx=|col=|dir=|first=|pwidth=|lwidth=|dwidth=}}
This template is used for showing layout of a Japanese station.

Parameters[édit sumber]

pfn[édit sumber]

Input the number of the platform. If you want to input a platform used by multiple line, use Template:ja-rail-linem.

1st parameter[édit sumber]

Input "m" in this parameter to show that the line is owned by Tokyo Metro or Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation. If you don't, it will show the line is owned by other companies.

name[édit sumber]

Input the name of the line. It will link to informed line page.

idx[édit sumber]

Use it to make a link displayed different from linked page.

nidx[édit sumber]

Use it to disable a link and input different string. When you use it, linename parameter is not needed.

col[édit sumber]

Input color of the line. You can use either color name or HTML code with # like #FFFFFF.

dir[édit sumber]

Input direction of the trains passing this platform.

first[édit sumber]

Input "2" in this parameter to inform whether the line is first line for the station. "3" for the last. "4" for the single platform.

  • If you use:
"platform number" "Line name" "direction"
  • If you don't use:
"platform number" "Line name" "direction"
  • If you used "first" parameter, you can modify width of columns using pwidth for platform column (default:30), lwidth for line column (default:145), dwidth for direction column (default:430).

Difference between this and {{ja-rail-linem}} in parameters[édit sumber]

{{ja-rail-line}} {{ja-rail-linem}}
name linename
idx lineindex
nidx nolinkindex
col linecol
These below have no difference.

Example[édit sumber]

{{ja-rail-line|pfn=1|first=4|name=Keikyū Main Line|col=red|dir={{ja-stalink|Uraga}}}}
1 Keikyū Main Line Uraga

  • Using color code for line color.
{{ja-rail-line|pfn=1|first=2|name=Tokyu Toyoko Line|idx=Tōyoko Line|col=red|dir={{ja-stalink|Shibuya}}}}
{{ja-rail-line|pfn=2|first=3|nidx=Tōyoko Line|col=red|dir={{ja-stalink|Kikuna}} ・ {{ja-stalink|Yokohama}}}}
1 Tōyoko Line Shibuya
2 Tōyoko Line KikunaYokohama

  • Using HTML code for line color.
{{ja-rail-line|pfn=1|first=2|name=Nambu Line|col=#FFD400|dir={{ja-stalink|Kawasaki}}}}
{{ja-rail-line|pfn=2|first=3|nidx=Nambu Line|col=#FFD400|dir={{ja-stalink|Musashi-Kosugi}}}}
1 Nambu Line Kawasaki
2 Nambu Line Musashi-Kosugi