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This template is for computer busses. You could probably also use it for network hardware systems such as Ethernet, although a separate infobox for networks might be a better idea. For generic hardware components, see Template:Infobox Computer Hardware Generic.

Cara make[édit sumber]

{{Infobox Computer Hardware Bus
| name        = Bus Name
| fullname    = Full name
| image       = An image to show in the infobox
| caption     = A caption for the image
| invent-date = Year of Invention
| invent-name = Name of Inventor
| super-name  = What superseded this bus
| super-date  = When this bus was superseded
| width       = Width of the bus in bits
| numdev      = Number of simultaneous connected devices
| speed       = Speed of the bus
| style       = 's' for serial, 'p' for Parallel, or plain text
| hotplug     = Does this bus support Hot-Plugging? (default: no)
| external    = Is this bus external? (default: no)

All fields, except 'name' are optional.

See the talk page for some examples which show the full usage of this infobox in a few combinations.