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This is a Template doc page pattern combined usage page
for the merge templates: merge , mergeto, and mergefrom and this /doc combined usage page will also be included within the usage of most of the merge templates listed below in the #See also section.

{{Mergefrom}} will add tagged articles to Category:Artikel nu dihijikeun. If the date= parameter is provided (this occurs easiest by substituting Template:DATE, automatically giving the correct format and permanency needed), articles are added to a subcategory of Category:Ngahiji dumasar bulan.

Usage and examples[édit sumber]

  1. {{Merge |Article 1|Talk:Article 1#Merge proposal|date=Month Year|User:Example}}
  2. {{Merge |Article 2|Talk:Article 1#Merge proposal|date=Month Year|User:Example}}
  3. {{Merge |Article 1|Talk:Article 2#Merge proposal|{{subst:DATE}}|User:Example}}
{{mergefrom}} and {{mergeto}}
  1. {{Mergefrom |Article 2|Talk:Article 1#Merge proposal|date=Month Year|User:Example}}
  2. {{Mergeto |Article 1|Talk:Article 1#Merge proposal|{{subst:DATE}}|User:Example}}
Example usage of {{merge}}
  1. {{Merge|Daemon (mythology) |Talk:Demon#Terminology|date=March 2007 |User:Fred Bloggs}}
  2. {{Merge|Demon |Talk:Demon#Terminology |{{subst:DATE}}|User:Fred Bloggs}}
  1. Please use the second parameters to direct to the same Talk page. Otherwise, two separate discussions could take place in each of the articles' Talk pages.

  2. Generally, the problem is no discussion is started, so please begin the section with your rationale.

  3. Do not use square brackets to link articles; it is automatically done. The Talk link is always shown as pipetricked to (discuss).

  4. Make sure you link Article 2 in Article 1 and vice versa, not Article 1 in Article 1 or Article 2 in Article 2. If the link appears bold black, reverse them before you save!

  5. Do not use a full URL for either link; use the link syntax you would place in square brackets.

  6. The date= parameter must be lowercase, not Date=.
    1. The date= value must be the proper full name of the month followed by a space and the four digits of the year.
    2. However using the substituted {{DATE}} ensures the category links will be formated properly, and is compatible with date coded tagging on most maintenance templates. Typing {{subst:DATE}} will quickly become second nature.
    3. If you leave the date parameter off, a WP:BOT will generally add it in a day or two.
  7. Your username is optional documentation. It does nothing in the template and is merely there for anyone to quickly find out who added the tag.

  8. Any additional pipe delimited field can be added to similarly add embedded comments, such as a synopsis of your rationale locally viewable in edit mode.

  9. If there is consensus after one or two weeks that the articles should be merged (or no response at all), proceed with the merger. Otherwise, your proposal should be pulled. It is less controversial if you undo your own tagging. You have implicit responsibility to watch your proposal and follow any discussion that develops!

Wikipedia:Template messages/Merging and splitting/List