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Documentation icon Dokuméntasi citakan[tempo] [édit] [jujutan] [beresihan]

Usage[édit sumber]

Code Result Notes
{{subst:refer}} '''{{PAGENAME}}''' may refer to: Standard usage, takes current page name as argument
{{subst:refer|ABC}} ABC may refer to: If the current page name is not the argument
{{subst:refer|type=also}} '''{{PAGENAME}}''' may also refer to: If there already is a primary topic
{{subst:refer|type=given-name}} '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a given name. Notable people with the name include: For given names
{{subst:refer|type=name}} '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is the name of: For names
{{subst:refer|type=place}} '''{{PAGENAME}}''' may refer to several places: For places and locations
{{subst:refer|type=stand}} '''{{PAGENAME}}''' may stand for: For acronyms
{{subst:refer|type=surname}} '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: For surnames
{{subst:refer|ABC|abc}} ABC or abc may refer to: For similar uses

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