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This subtemplate of {{sidebar with collapsible lists}} is used to generate a collapsible section. It is not intended to be used directly. For uses in other templates and/or articles, consider using {{collapsible list}} instead.

Usage[édit sumber]

{{Sidebar with collapsible lists/row
| expanded = 
| framestyle =
| titlestyle =
| listclass = 
| liststyle =
| title =
| 1 =

Parameters[édit sumber]

Parameter Notes
expanded Any non blank value will cause the section to be expanded by default
framestyle The style to use for the section frame. The default style is 'border:none; padding: 0;'
titlestyle The style used for the section title. The default style is 'background: transparent; text-align: left'
listclass Class to use for the list (e.g., hlist or plainlist)
liststyle Additional styling for the list. The default styling is 'font-size:105%; padding:0.2em 0 0.4em; text-align:center;'
title Title for the section. The default value is 'List'
1 The contents of the section (the list)

Coding notes[édit sumber]

It should be noted that


is not equivalent to

{{#if:{{{1|}}} | {{{1}}} }}

The second construct will remove whitespace and spurious newline characters from the input. This is important when the value is passed as an unnamed parameter, instead of formally using '1 ='.

Similarly, the construct

{{{framestyle|border: none; padding: 0;}}}

is not the same as

{{#if:{{{framestyle|}}} |{{{framestyle}}} |border: none; padding: 0;}}

The difference is when 'framestyle =' is present, but blank. In the first case, a blank value is used, while in the second case, 'border: none; padding: 0;' is used.

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