Citakan:Téritori luar nagara Éropa

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Mangga anggo  {{Téritori luar nagara Éropa|state=collapsed}}  atanapi  {{Téritori luar nagara Éropa|state=uncollapsed}}  kanggo ngawitan kaayaan citakan, naha nilep (nyumput) atanapi henteu (katingali).
Mangga anggo  {{Téritori luar nagara Éropa|state=autocollapse}}  kanggo nilepan citakan mung saupami aya citakan sanes nu sarupi dina kaca eta.

Inclusion criteria[édit sumber]

In order to avoid possible confusion and misunderstanding, the eligibility for inclusion in this template is defined as follows:

A European outlying territory is a territory which:
  1. has any political status other than independent, sovereign state;
  2. has a common sovereignty with some member state of the Council of Europe;
  3. either
    (a) the nearest independent country is not a member of the Council of Europe, or
    (b) the distance to the nearest European territory is more than 400 nautical miles
  4. is not an outlying territory of the Asian portions of Russia, Turkey etc.
The distance in (a) is measured to the nearest other territory; the distance in (b) is twice the EEZ limit under the Law of the Sea Convention, ensuring that the respective jurisdictional waters are not contiguous.

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