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Wikipedia offers several templates for proper display of the IPA.

In general, instances of the IPA on a page should be enclosed in the {{IPA}} template, which forces the formatting of the text to an IPA-compatible font. If a substantial portion of a page is in the IPA, it is customary to post notice of that fact with {{IPA notice|lang=en}}, though each token still requires the {{IPA}} template for proper formatting.

However, if there are not enough occurrences to warrant a notice, then consider a template that links to an IPA key for the first instance of the IPA on a page or section:

  • For a broad, non-regional transcription of an English word, as when giving the pronunciation of a key word in an article, {{IPAEng}} is appropriate, as it links to Help:pronunciation, a chart of the subset of the IPA that is relevant to English:
    • {{IPAEng|word}} displays as IPA: /word/.
    • the variant {{pronEng|word}} displays as dikecapkeun /word/.
  • For foreign words that are not assimilated into English, regional pronunciations of English words, and non-standard English dialects, {{IPA2}} would be more appropriate, as it links to the more complete Help:IPA chart:
    • {{IPA2|word}} displays as IPA: [word].
    • the variant {{pronounced|word}} appears as dikecapkeun [word].
  • For phonemic transcriptions that follow Australian pronunciation, use the templates {{IPAAusE}} and {{pronAusE}}.

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