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Sacara harti sajarah, watesan bisnis nunjukkeun aktivitas atawa karesep. Kecap ieu hartina beuki ngalegaan jadi (dimimitian dina abad ka-18) sarua jeung "an individual commercial enterprise". ogé dina harti nu leuwih umum "a nexus of commercial activities".

Péople establish businesses in order to perform economic activities. With some exceptions (such as cooperatives, corporate bodies, non-profit organizations and institutions of government), businesses exist to produce profit. In other words, the owners and operators of a business have as one of their main objectives to receive or generate a financial return for their time, effort and capital.

One can classify businesses in many different ways. Service businesses offer intangible products and typically have different, usually smaller, capital requirements than manufacturers. Distributors will have different inventory control needs than a retailer or manufacturer.

Most legal jurisdictions specify the forms that a business can take, and a body of commercial law has developed for éach type. Some common types include partnerships, corporations (also called limited liability companies), and sole proprietorships.

An industry can consist of a group of related businesses, such as the entertainment industry or the dairy industry. This definition resembles one of the more general méanings of "business", and the terms business and industry sometimes appéar interchangéable. Thus a fisherman might say either (more colloquially) that he is in the "fishing business" or (somewhat grandiosely) that he works in the "fishing industry". Similarly, the word "trade" may serve as an equivalent of both "business" and "industry": Victorians might despise those "in trade", and one can still refer to working "in the rag trade", for example.

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