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Dokuméntasi citakan ieu ditransklusi tina Citakan:Border/doc [edit]

To place a border around e.g. an image.

Syntax[édit sumber]

Basic[édit sumber]

...where element is the image, text, etc around which the border is to appear. The border will be a solid light grey color (#ddd) and 1px (1 pixel) wide (default settings; see below).

Full[édit sumber]

{{border |element |width=width |style=style |color=color}}

Parameters[édit sumber]

(required) The element (image, text, etc) around which the border is to appear.
The width (thickness) of the border (default 1px).
The border's style (dotted, dashed, double (i.e. double-lined), solid (default)).
The border's color (default #ddd, otherwise recommend a named color).