Citakan:Data nagara Iran

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This is the documentation / testpage for Template:Data nagara Iran. It is automatically created by calling Citakan:Country showdata (édit sawala tumbu sajarah)

This template here is a mere data container not to be called directly. It is intended only for indirect use by calling template:flagicon, template:flagcountry and the like. See Wikipedia:WikiProject Flag Template (the main documentation/discussion page for the flag templates system).

Tempo ogé: Bandéra Iran
Ngaran parameter Niley [edit] Harti Dipake keur
alias Iran Name of the Wikipedia article for the country (Iran) {{flag}}, {{flagcountry}} ({{flagicon}} for alt attribute)
shortname alias Iran A short common name, such as "United States" instead of "United States of America". {{flagcountry}}
flag alias Flag of Iran.svg Name of country's flag image (shown on the right) {{flagicon}}, {{flag}}, {{flagcountry}}

Testcalls[édit sumber]

countryname is "Iran" (must match XXX in Template:Country data XXX for the testcalls!)

Please purge the cache if any testcall doesn't match the current parameter values.

Variants[édit sumber]

  • {{flag|Iran|1925}} = Bandéra Iran Iran
  • {{flag|Iran|1964}} = Bandéra Iran Iran