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This template list:

ChemElem[édit sumber]

blank lists[édit sumber]

id[édit sumber]

{{Infobox element/symbol-to-Z-(reverse)}} -- created for naming completeness (search)
|prefix, suffix, label= -- Pilot template, doc central, etc.
|default, from-template, nocat=

symbol[édit sumber]


period[édit sumber]

block[édit sumber]

phase[édit sumber]

group[édit sumber]

category[édit sumber]

occurrence[édit sumber]

valence (0, I-VIII)[édit sumber]

wikilink[édit sumber]

electron configuration[édit sumber]

Checked -H-La| no diff, but F in refs.
Live into element infobox: DePiep (talk) 19:49, 3 February 2019 (UTC)

term symbol[édit sumber]

term symbol, Template talk:Infobox element#term symbol
{{Infobox element/symbol-to-electron-configuration/overview}}
{{Chemical elements: table of term symbols}}
{{Periodic table (term symbol)}}
mainsp: Term symbol#section

oxidation state[édit sumber]

oxidation state, List of oxidation states of the elements
{{Infobox element/symbol-to-oxidation-state/overview}}, {{Infobox element/symbol-to-oxidation-state/overview/row}}

pronunciation[édit sumber]

|item=ipa1, ipa2, respell1, respell2, note

standard atomic weight[édit sumber]

standard atomic weight
|standard, abridged, conventional, short-formal, ref-saw, massnumber-msi, ref-msi= -- to be split from msi
|format=standard [default], abridged, conventional, formalshort, formal-short-rounded
Two data lists (ouch):
mainspace: {{Standard atomic weight of the elements}}
Typicals: H, He, Tc
Citakan:T links
H: [1.007841.00811]
He: 4.002602(2)
Citakan:T linksCitakan:Infobox element/symbol-to-saw/abridged
Citakan:T links1.008
Citakan:T linksCitakan:Infobox element/symbol-to-saw/formalshort
Citakan:T linksCitakan:Infobox element/symbol-to-saw/formal-short-rounded

most stable isotope[édit sumber]

Citakan:Nay is used, but to be improved for mainspace.
|massnumber-msi, format, note, ref=
Most stable isotope
  • Tc: Tc: [97]

image[édit sumber]

merge into one dataset
|fair use=y/n (yes for infobox, no elsewhere like group pages

AQ, off-mainspace[édit sumber]


doc and test[édit sumber]

  • {t links|Infobox element/symbol-to-name/doc/list of templates}}
  • {tl|Infobox element/symbol-to-name/testtable}}
  • {tl|Infobox element/symbol-to-saw/testtable-wikidata}}
  • {tl|Infobox element/symbol-to-top-image/testtable}}
  • {tl|Infobox element/symbol-to-electron-configuration/testtable}}

navigate and cat[édit sumber]

|direction=W, E, ? -- neighborhood in the PT (North, East, ...)

Wikidata[édit sumber]

Citakan:T links → Q556

  1. a b Nash, Clinton S. (2005). "Atomic and Molecular Properties of Elements 112, 114, and 118". Journal of Physical Chemistry A 109 (15): 3493–3500. Bibcode 2005JPCA..109.3493N. doi:10.1021/jp050736o. PMID 16833687. 
  2. a b Salah ngutip: Tag <ref> tidak sah; tidak ditemukan teks untuk ref bernama Haire