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Note this is best used as a sub-template of {{Infobox Football club}} or {{Infobox National football team}}. See their respective talk pages for instructions: Template talk:Infobox Football club and Template talk:Infobox National football team.

To insert a standalone instance of a football kit on a page, use {{Football kit box}}.

Syntax[édit sumber]

Blank syntax[édit sumber]

{{Football kit
|pattern_la = 
|pattern_b  = 
|pattern_ra = 
|pattern_sh = 
|pattern_so = 
|leftarm    = 
|body       = 
|rightarm   = 
|shorts     = 1F24B4
|socks      = 1F24B4
|title      = 

Using SVG images[édit sumber]

You may specify the optional parameter "filetype" to use a different image format than the default PNG. Setting "filetype = svg" will use SVG files instead. However, you must first ensure that all of the images you want to use exist in a SVG format. Currently, most images only exist as PNG files and will not work with the SVG setting.

Example[édit sumber]

Kelir tim Kelir tim Kelir tim
Kelir tim
Kelir tim
{{Football kit
|pattern_la = _white_stripes
|pattern_b  = _3stripesonwhite
|pattern_ra = _white_stripes
|pattern_sh = 
|pattern_so = 
|leftarm    = 1F24B4
|body       = 1F24B4
|rightarm   = 1F24B4
|shorts     = 1F24B4
|socks      = 1F24B4
|title      = Principal

pattern_ra is the pattern modifier for the right arm, e.g. "_white_stripes" would change the right arm to kit_right_arm_white_stripes.png

Creating a new pattern[édit sumber]

To create a new pattern template follow the examples below. When you have created a new pattern please add it to the list below. Do not create patterns for minor details on a kit, the template is for showing basic team colours. It is not supposed to be an accurate drawing of the kit.

How to name your file
  • Start with Kit_body_ / Kit_right_arm_ / Kit_left_arm_ as required, and end with .png (lower case).
  • Never use the word transparent in your file. All files should have one transparent colour.
  • Multiple vertical lines are called colourstripes.
  • Single vertical lines are called colourvertical.
  • Multiple horizontal lines are called colourhoops.
  • Single horizontal lines are called colourhorizontal.
  • Halves are called colourhalf.
  • Sashes are called colourrightsash (/) or colourleftsash (\).

Make sure to include {{Football kit template}} on the image description page.

Pattern files[édit sumber]