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Citakan:Ltsmeta (édit sawala tumbu jujutan) di Meta

Usage[édit sumber]

This {{Ltsmeta|template name}} shows links for a template also available on Meta. It's used for templates often copied from Meta to other sister projects, or vice versa.

In general is a means of checking interwiki on the key parameters that may be affected by a change in the template page where used (i.e. '{PAGENMAME}' is default), or which is specified by the first argument, if given one.

Similar templates at English sister projects [edit]
mta Meta-wiki Ltsmeta
wpd Wikipedia Ltsmeta
cms Commons Ltsmeta
wbk Wikibooks Ltsmeta
wsp Wikispecies Ltsmeta
wvy Wikiversity Ltsmeta

Documentation[édit sumber]

W:Template:Lts, M:Template:Lts, etc. on various Sister projects are a smaller variant of {{Lt}} with pleasant output, for use especially also on browsers which don't support ·.

Usage[édit sumber]

{{Lts|template}} shows links for the specified template.
{{Lts}} shows links for a template wrt the {{PAGENAME}}.

Example[édit sumber]

Code Result
{{Lts|Lt}} Citakan:Lt (édit sawala tumbu sajarah)
{{Lts}} Citakan:Ltsmeta (édit sawala tumbu sajarah)

See also[édit sumber]

Citakan:Lts (édit sawala tumbu sajarah) for templates
Citakan:Lcs (édit sawala tumbu sajarah) for categories
Citakan:Lps (édit sawala tumbu sajarah) for {{ns:Project}} (= Wikipedia)
Citakan:Ltsmeta (édit sawala tumbu sajarah) for templates copied from Meta
Citakan:Lts/ (édit sawala tumbu sajarah) for template lists (see below)
Citakan:Lx (édit sawala tumbu sajarah) boilerplate for the Lx family
Category:Citakan tumbu internal for a comparison of this zoo see below
Citakan:Lps (édit sawala tumbu jujutan) di Meta
Citakan:Lts (édit sawala tumbu jujutan) di Meta
Citakan:Ltsmeta (édit sawala tumbu jujutan) di Meta

Comparison[édit sumber]

We got a zoo of similar templates, pick what you like. This list is probably incomplete and intentionally omits variants with parameters like {{Tlx}} and redirections like {{Tln}}:

Source Code Result
tumbu sawala édit {{lt|x4}} Template:X4 (edit|talk|history|links|watch|logs)
tumbu sawala édit {{lts|x4}} Citakan:X4 (édit sawala tumbu sajarah)
tumbu sawala édit {{lts/|x4}} tumbu sawala édit
tumbu sawala édit {{tetl|x4}} Citakan:Tetl
tumbu sawala édit {{ti|x4}}
Ieu gambar asalna ti Wikipédia x4. Témpo katerangan gambar di x4:Image:Ltsmeta.
Lamun lisensi gambar beda ti lisensi di Wikipédia nujadi sumber, lisensi di Wikipédia asal anu berlaku.
tumbu sawala édit {{tic|x4}} Citakan:Tic
tumbu sawala édit {{tiw|x4}} Template:x4 (sawala, tumbu, édit)
tumbu sawala édit {{tl|x4}} {{x4}}
tumbu sawala édit {{tls|x4}} {{subst:x4}}
tumbu sawala édit {{tlsetl|x4}} Citakan:Tlsetl
tumbu sawala édit {{tlt|x4}} Citakan:Tlt
tumbu sawala édit {{ttl|x4}} Citakan:Ttl
tumbu sawala édit {{twlh|x4}} Citakan:Twlh