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Documentation icon Dokuméntasi citakan[tempo] [édit] [jujutan] [beresihan]
Notice This template should not be used in citation templates such as Citation Style 1 and Citakan:Cs2, because it includes markup that will pollute the COinS metadata they produce; see COinS in Wikipedia.

A template to produce multiple non-breaking spaces (" "s).

{{spaces|N}} ...... to produce N consecutive non-breaking spaces (where N is a whole number larger than zero).

Citakan:Bigger without any parameter produces a single non-breaking space, but, as "spaces" is plural, using Citakan:Bigger itself (or, if this is not possible, Citakan:Bigger) is preferred for this purpose.

Template data[édit sumber]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.


Inserts one or more non-breaking spaces

Parameter templat


How many non-breaking spaces to insert


See also[édit sumber]

  • {{pad}} to add inline spacing in units of px, em or ex.
  • Citakan:Bigger to stop the linewrapping of any part of item.
  • {{nb5}} to insert five non-breaking spaces.