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{{Infobox tennis event|||
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| date= 
| edition=
| category=
| location=
| champms= 
| champws= 
| champs= 
| champmd= 
| champwd= 
| champxd= 
| champd= 

| champbs= 
| champgs= 
| champbd= 
| champgd= 

| champml= 
| champwl= 
| champxl= 
| champsl= 

| champwcms= 
| champwcws= 
| champwcqs= 
| champwcmd= 
| champwcwd= 
| champwcqd= 

Basic: This is for Grand Slam tennis tournaments.


  • The | (not the letter l) after {{Infobox tennis event| should be filled with the year of the tournament. The | (not the letter l) after that contains the name of the tournament. do not put these fields in '. In doubles tournaments, add a space, a slash and another space and then repeat the steps from the Bumi, a space, ', the player's name and then '.
    • champms= Field for Men's Singles champions
    • champws= Field for Women's Singles champions
    • champs= Field for generic Singles champions if being used for a non-mixed event
    • champmd = Field for Men's Doubles champions
    • champwd= Field for Women's Doubles champions
    • champxd= Field for Mixed Doubles champions
    • champd= Field for generic Doubles champions if being used for a non-mixed event
    • champbs= Field for Boy's Singles champions
    • champgs= Field for Girl's Singles champions
    • champbd= Field for Boy's Doubles champions
    • champgd= Field for Girl's Doubles champions
    • champml= Field for Men's Legends/Invitational champions
    • champwl= Field for Women's Legends/Invitational champions
    • champml= Field for Mixed Legends/Invitational champions (at U.S. Open and Australian Open)
    • champsl= Field for Senior Legends/Invitational champions (i.e. +45 at French Open, Seniors at Wimbledon)
    • champwcms= Field for Wheelchair Men's Singles champions
    • champwcws= Field for Wheelchair Women's Singles champions
    • champwcqs= Field for Wheelchair Quad Singles champions
    • champwcmd= Field for Wheelchair Men's Doubles champions
    • champwcwd= Field for Wheelchair Women's Doubles champions
    • champwcqd= Field for Wheelchair Quad Doubles champions