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The template name is "{{Twitter}}". It is used to link articles to a particular Twitter account, by the account's URL and title.

Usage[édit sumber]

The external links guideline recommends avoiding links to Twitter unless the Twitter feed is an official account "controlled by the subject (organization or individual person) of the Wikipedia article". Multiple hoax and "fan" accounts have been discovered; please make a particular effort to verify the authenticity of any official links. Legitimate Twitter accounts are usually named in reliable sources, such as newspaper stories, about the subject, or linked by other subject-controlled sources.

Wikipedia is not comprehensive directory of a subject's web presence. Linking to Twitter and social networking sites is discouraged if the links are easily found at the subject's main website or other official link.

Single parameter[édit sumber]

If only one parameter is used in the template, this parameter will be the page's url, with the link being the name of the Wikipedia page used on. Example:



The template links to, whilst the link itself displays the current page name.

Two parameters[édit sumber]

If two parameters are used in the template, the first parameter will be the page's url, while the second will be the title of the link. Example:

 {{Twitter|Wikipedia|The World's best website}}


The template links to, whilst the link itself displays "The World's best website".




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