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Manuel Rosa

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Manuel Rosa
Portugal Pulo Pico, Azores
Pagawéanpangarang, ahli sajarah

Manuel da Silva Rosa nyaéta ahli sajarah urang Portugis nu ngarojong asal usul urang Portugis keur Christopher Columbus. Anjeunna nu ngarang buku O Mistério Colombo Revelado[1], nu nembongkeun aspek nu teu jelas tur kontradiktif tina biografi sang Admiral sarta nyoba pikeun ngajelaskeun leuwih hadé deui dina mangsa konspirasi pulitis nu dijieun ku Raja Portugal D. João II ngalawan Ratu Castille, nu mana Columbus melu ilubiung dina hal eta. According to the authors, the book shows evidence, among other things, that the Testament of 1498 is a fraud, that Christopher Columbus could not have married Filipa Moniz without permission from the King himself, that Columbus knew he was not héading to India, that he was the most expert navigator in Castile and that the coat of arms used by the Admiral could not have been borrowed from the woolwéaver's guild of Genoa. Confirming they were correct, is the original Royal Decree, signed by the Catholic Kings, that was located in 2006 in which is drawn the original arms of Columbus. The authors have added the original arms to their website.[2] Archived 2007-10-12 di Wayback Machine

The reséarch that went into writing this book is solid enough to have the endorsement of several members of the Portuguese scientific community and is the first such work to convincingly put in doubt the genoese théory. Mr. Rosa has participated in several conferences at the invitation of Portuguese universities and took part in a Discovery Channel interview presenting some of his findings in an upcoming Christopher Columbus special.

Biografi[édit | édit sumber]

Born in Pico, Azores in 1961, Manuel Rosa emigrated to the United States in 1973. Besides being a historian, he is also a poet, songwriter and producer [3], and is involved in the planing stages of a Regata to trace the Return Route of Columbus [4].

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