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This template either adds the page to Category:Wikipedia information pages or to Category:User essays, depending upon which namespace it is.

Usage[édit sumber]

This template has a single |pages= parameter. It also has optional |shortcut=, |shortcut2=, and |shortcut3= parameters that can be used to add a Shortcut: box to the right side of the template and up to three WP:SHORTCUTs.

  • {{Information page|pages=[[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view]] and [[Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons]] policies|shortcut=WP:SHORTCUT|shortcut2=WP:SHORTCUT2}}

See also[édit sumber]

  • {{Supplement}} - to tag a well-established essay that adds something to a policy or guideline, especially to make up for a deficiency
  • {{Guidance essay}} - to tag an essay that guides interpretation or application of a policy or guideline
  • {{Essay|interprets=}} - an alternative way to tag an essay that interprets a policy or guideline
  • Wikipedia:Template messages/Wikipedia namespace - for more "Wikipedia:"-namespace header templates