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<!-- Infobox begins -->
|official_name          = 
|other_name             =
|native_name            =  <!-- for cities whose native name is not in English -->
|nickname               = 
|motto                  = 
|image_skyline          = 
|imagesize              = 
|image_caption          = 
|image_flag             = 
|flag_size              =
|image_seal             = 
|seal_size              =
|image_shield           = 
|shield_size            =
|city_logo              =
|citylogo_size          =
|image_map              = 
|mapsize                = 
|map_caption            = 
|pushpin_map            = <!-- the name of a location map as per -->
|pushpin_label_position = <!-- the position of the pushpin label: left, right, top, bottom, none -->
|subdivision_type       = <!--Country-->
|subdivision_name       = <!--the name of the country-->
|subdivision_type1      = 
|subdivision_name1      = 
|subdivision_type2      = 
|subdivision_name2      = 
|subdivision_type3      = 
|subdivision_name3      = 
|subdivision_type4      = 
|subdivision_name4      = 
|government_type        =
|leader_title           =
|leader_name            =
|leader_title1          =  <!-- for places with, say, both a mayor and a city manager -->
|leader_name1           =
|leader_title2          =
|leader_name2           =
|leader_title3          =
|leader_name3           =
|leader_title4          =
|leader_name4           =
|established_title      =  <!-- Settled -->
|established_date       = 
|established_title2     =  <!-- Incorporated (town) -->
|established_date2      = 
|established_title3     =  <!-- Incorporated (city) -->
|established_date3      = 
|area_magnitude         = 
|unit_pref              = <!--Enter: Imperial, if Imperial (metric) is desired-->
|area_footnotes         =
|area_total             = 
|area_land              = 
|area_water             = 
|TotalArea_sq_mi        = 
|LandArea_sq_mi         = 
|WaterArea_sq_mi        = 
|area_water_percent     = 
|area_urban             = 
|UrbanArea_sq_mi        = 
|area_metro             = 
|MetroArea_sq_mi        = 
|population_as_of       = 
|population_footnotes   =
|population_note        = 
|settlement_type        = <!--For Town or Village (Leave blank for the default City)-->
|population_total       = 
|population_density     = 
|population_density_mi2 = 
|population_metro       =
|population_density_metro_km2 =
|population_density_metro_mi2 =
|population_urban       = 
|population_density_urban_km2 =
|population_density_urban_mi2 =
|timezone               = 
|utc_offset             = 
|timezone_DST           = 
|utc_offset_DST         = 
|latd= |latm= |lats= |latNS=
|longd= |longm= |longs= |longEW=
|elevation_footnotes    =  <!--for references: use <ref> </ref> tags-->
|elevation              = 
|elevation_ft           = 
|postal_code_type       =  <!-- enter ZIP code, Postcode, Post code, Postal code... -->
|postal_code            =
|area_code              =
|website                = 
|footnotes              = 
}} <!-- Infobox ends -->

NLD[édit sumber]

Kategorisasi UTC[édit sumber]

Q.: How do you plan to deal with the problem that several countries change Daylight Savings Time (DST) at different times? And, some countries don't even use DST!
A.: That is correct some countries don't even use DST. There really is no problem here except for perhaps on how wikipedians interpret the two different UTC and DST UTC category names. Some wikipedians may be confused with the wording of the category. For example "Cities in the UTC-5 timezone" may imply that a city such as Ottawa should currently be within UTC-5, when in fact Ottawa could be observing DST. The misconception is that perhaps these categories should reflect the "current status" of these cities. (See WP:CCT for such a project) This is not at all the case and is not necessary. The categories reflect the idea that such cities, at any given time, (generally determined by there country) can and may be observing the UTC timezone to which they have been categorized. Though this is clarified within the wikipedia article on UTC and DST this must and will be stated and clarified at the top of every UTC and DST UTC city category. Note: From the "second Sunday in March" Ottawa and all cities in North America begins to observe DST.[1] Issues on implementing a current city time are being discussed at WP:CCT.
Q.: The category for a city, which is a UTC+ area, doesn't display properly. It says {{category:Cities in the UTC1 timezone}} instead of {{category:Cities in the UTC+1 timezone}}. How can I fix this?
A.: This problem occured with the city Cairo, Algiers and several other cities. To fix the problem we added a | at the end of the utc_offset (See Algiers example) and the utc_offset_DST = +3 |.(See Cairo example) This problem is caused by some cities which utilize the infobox template with some extra spaces. The two afformentioned cities have spaces inbetween the | and "sub-parser category". (Example:"| official_name = Cairo/Ciaro") Furthermore, if you take a look at the Gothenburg article there is no problem in displaying the UTC+ category. This is because there are no spaces inbetween | and the "offical_name" or any of the | and "sub-parser categories". (Example:"|official_name = Gothenburg")
Q.: What is the use of having articles that utilize this infobox city template automatically categorize cities within their respective UTC and DST UTC category?
A.: Currently the only way to know what articles utilize this template is to click the what links here. The what links here is a good tool but it is a far cry from the ability of categories. One advantage is the ability to add a table of contents. To see the full advantages and possibilities of categories WP:Kategori.