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For grouping related templates (usually collapsed; see Wikipedia:NavFrame) that appear beside each other on a page (usually at the bottom; see, for example, articles linked from here).

Basic syntax[édit sumber]

{{Template group
|title = 
|list  = 


Parameters[édit sumber]

(optional) Title to appear in titlebar above group of templates (e.g. "Geographic locale", "Related topics", etc). If this parameter is absent, then the output would be identical to the value of list.
(optional) Any styles to apply to titlebar (default background color is "paleturquoise")
(required) List of templates in group, using standard wiki syntax (i.e. braces; see example below)

Example[édit sumber]

(from article on Cyprus)

Code[édit sumber]

{{Template group
|title = Geographic locale
|list  = 
{{Countries of Europe}}
{{Countries and territories of the Middle East}}
{{Countries of Southwest Asia}}
{{Countries of Asia}}
{{Countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea}}

Result[édit sumber]