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Citakan:Kotak info tarajangan sipil

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Usage[édit sumber]

{{Infobox civilian attack
| title       = 
| partof      =
| image       = 
| image_size  = 
| alt         = 
| caption     = 
| map         =
| map_size    =
| map_alt     =
| map_caption =
| location    = 
| target      =
| coordinates = 
| date        = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD}}-<br />{{End date|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| time        = 
| timezone    = 
| type        = 
| fatalities  = 
| injuries    = 
| victim      =
| perps       = 
| perp        = 
| perpetrators=
| perpetrator =
| susperps    = 
| susperp     = 
| weapons     = 
| numparts    =
| numpart     =
| dfens       =
| dfen        =
| footage     =
| motive      =

Example[édit sumber]

World Trade Center bombing
Pit of devastation with steel columns rising from the bottom
The aftermath of the bombing
LokasiWorld Trade Center, New York City, New York
Koordinat40°42′42″N 74°00′45″W / 40.71167°N 74.01250°W / 40.71167; -74.01250
Kaping26 Pébruari 1993 (1993-02-26)
12:17 pm (UTC-5)
Rupa tarajangancar bombing; attempted release of sodium cyanide
Cederaat least 1,000
PalakuIslamist terrorists, notably Ramzi Yousef
MotifU.S. condemnation of Israel
{{Infobox civilian attack
| title       = World Trade Center bombing
| image       = WTC 1993 ATF Commons.jpg
| alt         = Pit of devastation with steel columns rising from the bottom
| caption     = The aftermath of the bombing
| location    = [[World Trade Center]], [[New York City]], [[New York]]
| coordinates = {{coord|40|42|42|N|74|00|45|W|region:US-NY_type:landmark||display=inline}}
| date        = {{Start date|1993|02|26}}
| time        = 12:17 pm
| timezone    = [[UTC]]-5
| type        = [[car bomb]]ing; attempted release of [[sodium cyanide]]
| fatalities  = 6
| injuries    = at least 1,000
| perps       = [[Islamism|Islamist]] [[terrorism|terrorists]], notably [[Ramzi Yousef]]
| motive      = U.S. condemnation of Israel

For all fields, no wikilinks are automatically incorporated into the infobox. Therefore, if you want anything to be linked to something else, they must be added when including the template.

Required fields[édit sumber]

  • title - A title for the attack; most likely this will match the article title, but you can change it to something slightly different if the title is a little over-descriptive
  • location - The physical place, perhaps a specific airplane or building (multiple targets are allowed, of course), including the city, where the attack occurred; including the country is preferred for cities; including the province or state is discouraged unless necessary or well-known:
  • date - The date of the attack; use {{Start date}} to allow for users' date preferences to go into effect and include the date in the hCalendar microformat (see below; use {{End date}} for multi-day events).

Optional fields[édit sumber]

  • partof - a terror campaign containing the event described in the article.
  • image - An image associated with the event; do not precede the image name with Image:
  • alt - Alt text for the image, for visually impaired readers. See WP:ALT. This should be specified if image is specified.
  • caption - A caption for the image
  • map - A {{location map}} or map image
  • map_caption - A caption for the map
  • target - The target and/or purpose of the attack
  • coordinates - geographical coordinates. Use {{coord}} with |display=inline,title
  • time - The time of the attack(s), if all targets occurred at the same time (do not use this along with time-begin and time-end)
  • time-begin and time-end - The start and end times, respectively, if the series of attacks (do not use this along with time)
  • timezone - The timezone of the location of the attack(s); UTC+X, UTC-X, or UTC (i.e. offset from UTC) preferred
  • type - The type of attack (i.e. Suicide bombings, Bioterrorism, etc)
  • weapons - Weapons used in attacks (this field should not be over-used)
  • fatalities - Number of people killed during attack(s); optionally, you can split this into different types of people (i.e. 121 passengers, 21 crew or 3 soldiers, 1 civilian)
  • injuries - Number of people injured (excludes those killed) during attack(s)
  • victim - E.g., hostages, etc.
  • perps - Those responsible for the terroristic attack
  • perp - Alternative for perps, in case of a single person, only shown if "perps" is not used
  • perpetrators - Those responsible for the criminal attack
  • perpetrator - Alternative for perpetrators, in case of a single person, only shown if "perpetrators" is not used
  • susperps - Those who are currently believed to have committed the attack(s)
  • susperp - Alternative for susperps, in case of a single person, only shown if "susperps" is not used
  • numparts - Number of participants on the attack on the part of the perps.
  • numpart - Alternative for numparts, in case of a single person, only shown if "numparts" is not used
  • dfens - Those who defended or repelled the attack, or were responsible for the immediate aftermath.
  • dfen - Alternative for dfens, in case of a single person, only shown if "dfens" is not used
  • motive - The motive, the reason why the attack was carried out

Coordinates[édit sumber]


Microformats[édit sumber]

Citakan ieu nganggo fitur sintaks citakan nu pabaliut .
Teu kénging ngarobih-robih kajabi upami ngartos kana sétingan sareng fungsi parserna sareng sayogi kanggo ngalereskeun atanapi ngawangsulkeun sadaya kareksakan nu diakibatkeunnana upami hasilna henteu sapertos anu dipikahoyong.
Sadaya percobian saéna mah dités heula dina kotrétan atanapi spasi panganggo salira sateuacanna ngarobih naon-naon di dieu.