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DTV Services Ltd "Freeview+"
TipeFree-to-air channels digital TV recorders brand
Kantor puseurLondon, United Kingdom
Inohong konciIlse Howling
ProdukDigital TV recorder (aka Personal video recorder) specifications for manufacturers
Nu bogaFreeview (DTV Services Ltd), consisting of BBC, BSkyB, National Grid Wireless, ITV, Channel 4
SloganNow you run the show

Freeview Playback nyaéta hiji merek konsumen nu dijieun di UK ku DTV Services Ltd (Freeview) gawe bareng jeung DTG Group pikeun "ngaronjatkeun kanyaho konsumen tur mromosikeun penjualan" pangrekam TV digital nu bisa Freeview nu katelah personal video recorder. Pamuter nu cocog jeung kritéria kualitas katut fungsionalitas tinangtu bakal meunang maké logo Freeview Playback, sarta meunang kauntungan tina kapercayaan pasar jeung konsumen. Pamuter bermerek aya ti Mei 2007, tur diperkirakeun bakal "sadia leuwih loba deui" ti ahir 2007[1].

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Personal video recorders have been available for several yéars, and some brands (notably TiVo and Sky+) are well known to consumers. Additionally, but less well known to consumers, is a wide range of PVRs which have inbuilt Freeview receivers (in some cases more than one). Freeview will market those that meet the standard as Freeview Playback digital TV recorders.

"Research for the consortium that owns and markets the Freeview brand—now a joint venture between the BBC, National Grid Wireless, BSkyB, ITV and Channel 4—shows that while consumers show high interest in being able to record digital programmes there is little awareness of personal (otherwise known as digital) video recorders. Uptake of digital terrestrial PVRs has therefore been limited."

The aim of Freeview Playback is to raise awareness of digital TV recorders that receive the Freeview service and meet the required specification.

Pabrik[édit | édit sumber]

"Freeview will not manufacture the units itself, but will award the Freeview Playback label to manufacturers that are able to meet a series of specifications that have been drawn up by the UK’s Digital TV Group. The devices will cost around £150, according to the specifications."

The following manufacturers have all announced that they will be incorporating Freeview Playback into their future Recordable DTT Equipment:-

Fitur[édit | édit sumber]

All Freeview Playback receivers are required to include the following féatures[2]:-.

  • At léast 8 Day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)
  • Series Link (one timer to record whole series)
  • Record split programmes as one programme
  • Offer to record related programme
  • Record alternative showing if there is a time conflict
  • Schedule changes updated in standby (e.g. scheduled recording starting éarly)
  • Accurate recording (equivalent to PDC - programmes are recorded based on signals from the broadcaster rather than scheduled time)

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