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Dokuméntasi citakan ieu ditransklusi tina Citakan:Chinese/doc [edit]

Tulis keterangan di sini

Tulis keterangan di sini
Nama Tionghoa
Hanzi: c
Hanzi tradisional: t
Hanzi basajan: s
Harti literal: l
Hanzi: c2
Hanzi tradisional: t2
Hanzi basajan: s2
Harti literal: l2
Ngaran Filipina
Tagalog: tgl
Ngaran India
Hindi: hin
Ngaran Indonésia
Indonésia: ind
Ngaran Jepang
Kanji: kanji
Kana: kana
Hiragana: hiragana
Kyujitai: kyujitai
Shinjitai: shinjitai
Ngaran Koréa
Hangul: hangul
Hanja: hanja
Ngaran Malayu
Malayu: msa
Ngaran Manchu
Manchu: mnc
Ngaran Mongolia
Mongolia: mon
Ngaran Portugis
Portugis: por
Ngaran Rusia
Rusia: rus
Romanisasi: rusr
Ngaran Tamil
Tamil: tam
Ngaran Thai
Thai: tha
Romanisasi: rtgs
Ngaran Tibét
Tibét: tib
- Wylie: wylie
- THDL: tdhl
- Zangwen Pinyin: zwpy
- Dialek Lhasa IPA: lhasa
Nama Uighur
Uighur: uig
Ngaran Viétnam
Viétnam: vie
Quốc ngữ: qn
Chữ nôm: chunom
Hán tự: hantu
Ngaran Zhuang
Zhuang: zha
Ngaran Dungan
Dungan: dungan
Xiao'erjing: dungan-xej
Romanisasi: dungan-latin
Hanzi: dungan-han
Ngaran lang2
lang2: lang2_content
Ngaran lang3
lang3: lang3_content

Pemakaian[édit sumber]

Use this template to show a Chinese name, word, term or phrase in various renderings.

|title=Box title        (Default is the article title)
|float=left|right|none  (Default float position is right)
|picsize=200px		(Default is 260px)
|pic2=addition pic
|piccap2=additional pic caption
|picsize2=200px		(Default is 260px)
|c=Chinese		(Use when traditional = simplified)
|l=Literal Meaning
|p=Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin
|tp=Tongyong pinyin
|w=Wade Giles
|psp=Chinese postal map
|my=Mandarin Yale
|gr=Gwoyeu Romatzyh
|zh-dungan=Mandarin Cyrillic
|j=Cantonese Jyutping
|y=Cantonese Yale
|gan=Gan romanization
|wuu=Wu romanization
|hsn=Xiang romanization
|poj=Min Nan POJ
|buc=Min Dong BUC
|lmz=Latin Phonetic Shanghainese
|altname=Alternate name
|l2=Literal Meaning2
|p2=Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin2
|tp2=Tongyong pinyin2
|w2=Wade Giles2
|psp2=Chinese postal map2
|my2=Mandarin Yale2
|gr2=Gwoyeu Romatzyh2
|zh-dungan2=Mandarin Cyrillic2
|j2=Cantonese Jyutping2
|gan2=Gan romanization
|wuu2=Wu romanization
|hsn2=Xiang romanization
|y2=Cantonese Yale2
|poj2=Min Nan POJ 2
|buc=Min Dong BUC 2
|lmz2=Latin Phonetic Shanghainese2
|hangul=Korean Hangul
|hanja=Korean Hanja
|rr=Revised Romanization of Korean
|mr=McCune-Reischauer Romanization of Korean
|northkorea=yes                (hangul becomes Chosŏn'gŭl)
|kanji=Japanese Kanji
|kyujitai=Japanese Kanji in Kyujitai
|shinjitai=Japanese Kanji in Shinjitai
|kana=Japanese Kana
|hiragana=Japanese Hiragana
|revhep=Revised Hepburn romanization of Japanese
|tradhep=Traditional Hepburn romanization of Japanese
|kunrei=Kunrei-shiki romanization of Japanese
|nihon=Nihon-shiki romanization of Japanese
|tgl=Filipino Tagalog
|hin=Hindi language
|ind= '''Bahasa Indonesia'''
|msa=Malay language
|mnc=Manchu language
|mon=Mongolian language
|por=Portugese language
|rus=Russian language in Cyrillic alphabet
|rusr=Russian language in Latin alphabet
|tam=Tamil language
|tha=Thai language
|rtgs=Royal Thai General System of Transcription
|tib=Tibetan language
|wylie=Wylie transliteration of Tibetan
|thdl=THDL Simplified Phonetic Transcription of Tibetan
|zwpy=Zangwen Pinyin (PRC's official Tibetan translieration)
|lhasa=Lhasa dialect of Tibetan in IPA
|uig=Uyghur language
|vie=Vietnamese language (generic)
|qn=Vietnamese in Quoc Ngu script
|chunom=Vietnamese Chu Nom
|hantu=Vietnamese Han Tu
|zha=Zhung language
|dungan=Dungan language
|dungan-xej=Dungan Xiao'erjing
|dungan-han=Dungan Hanzi
|dungan-latin=Dungan Romanization
|bur=Burmese language
|Burmese_language_content=Contents of bur
|lang2=Additional language2
|lang2_content=Contents of lang2
|lang3=Additional language3 
|lang3_content=Contents of lang3 (you can go in order until lang11)
|lang11=Additional language11
|lang11_content=Contents of lang11

In this sample, the template is using showflag=jp with order=st. Simplified Chinese is shown first in order. Jyutping and pinyin is displayed outside of the alphabetized hide area.
Hanzi basajan: Simplified text
Hanzi tradisional: Traditional text
Kantonis Jyutping: jyutping
Pinyin: pinyin
Harti literal: Literal text

Optional Flags

  • order=st - By default Traditional Chinese comes first on display. If this flag is called, Simplified Chinese will be displayed first. This is for articles having to do with PRC or Simplified Chinese.
  • hide=no - By default all romanizations and transliterations are hidden. If this flag is called, all the transliteration will be shown.

Optional Showflag By default no romanization will show outside of the hide area. You can call this flag when using the template to have certain romanizations appear permanently in favor of certain regions.

  • showflag=j - this will show jyutping outside of the hide area.
  • showflag=h - this will show hakka outside of the hide area.
  • showflag=p - this will show pinyin outside of the hide area.
  • showflag=poj - this will show Min poj outside of the hide area.
  • showflag=pj - this will show pinyin then jyutping outside of the hide area.
  • showflag=jp - this will show jyutping then pinyin outside of the hide area.
  • showflag=wu - this will show Wu outside of the hide area.
  • showflag=hsn - this will show Xiang outside of the hide area.
  • showflag=gan - this will show Gan outside of the hide area.
  • showflag=bpmf - this will show Bopomofo outside of the hide area